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1) lost in childhood events
2) and then what happened
3) very strange but true incidents
4) 21st birthday for once i felt special
5) my bus life
6) embracing new beginning
7) hyderabad trip nerds story
8) surge of ideas
9) unforgettable IISC final year project
10) locked away ideas
11) eccentrics look into reality of time machine
12) going out with friends
13) letter to my boss at ess
14) road crossing algorithm
15) fat people transition effect
16) me and basketball
17) rain seen in different angle
18) advice proximity effect
19) unholy merger plant & machine
20) ask yourselves these questions
21) happy or is it just you
22) my fascination with mathematics
23) comparison child vs mobile phone
24) essence of goal
25) transportation are we there yet?
26) outside the box
27) bicycle Incident - a break failure
28) why don’t we see black light?
29Bus - seat acquisition via Aufbau principle
30Pen Dynamics
31) Walk Overtaking and why we kick stones
32) How to swat a Mosquito
33Stage Fear-How I finally over came it
34) The queen of chess - a bird's eye view
35) Man in the mirror
36) Shadow walking
37) how and why of blog
38) Talking to yourselves
39) My work experience at E Surveying Solutions
40) Fox and the Grapes Conundrum
41) Significance of Time
42) Why resistance halfens in Parallel
43) Do exams matter?
44) Is truth an opinion?
45) I make pi look rational
46) Chairs in our lives
47) Programs are Poems
48) Multicolored Notes
49) Instinctive recognition
50) Aditi Hosabettu's House Warming Ceremony

some of my interview blogs:
1) interview preparation presentation and attitude
2) group discussion interview round
3) resume: shortcut to better first impression
4) my Intel Interview - March 2012
5) Two Years Development Experience at ERachana Technologies


    "--Yes life is (a bitch) full of disappointment.---"
    I don't agree in-totality width that statement.To very great extent you might find it holding true but you see life many a times brings happiness in disguise of failure.Sometimes you come across situation when your biggest desires go unachieved or unconquered.But at the end of the day the same disappointment gives you strength to face much bigger problems up in ladder.And also when knowingly or unknowingly get the output you were looking for.That is the moment when you are so happy when you cant express how you actually got that or the problem was in first place.
    I think the better way to put your point would be "ONE SHOULD KNOW WHEN TO QUIT"

  2. Okay Chandrakant thanks for your opinion


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