Hey guys, welcome to my page, I am Ganesh Kamath & proud to be a blogger.

I have 2 main blog sites as of now on blogger,
1) I started my first blog ‘Set to change in order to share my experiences and ideas with the world you can read about several ideas that i have had over time.
2) I started my blog ‘Asymptote’ in order to guide those of you worried about getting a job, trying to look everywhere for achieving perfection.

I chose the name Set to change because in this blog I mostly talk about events and ideas that shaped my thinking and perspective of the world.

The name asymptote however was chosen because of 2 reasons:
1) My maths teacher at CHIPS wanted to rename his institute as Asymptote and he could not do it (until now at least).
2) The word asymptote says that it’s a guiding line to a curve. Literally it refers to a tangent to the curve at infinity.

In these two blogs I would how-ever be interested in adding contents that can help you guys in whatever you are looking for. I would further be interested in starting fresh topics if you can prompt me for a topic.

I would cherish you guys leaving a comment and following my blog. I will try my best to reply to all comments as soon as i possibly can. I wish to know if you wan me to write on a specific topic do mail me at:

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  1. hi im final year B.E student and im wishing to do my final year project in iisc and the problem is i dont know anyone over there so can you guide me how to get in there


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