Monday, March 28, 2011

21st birthday - For once i felt special.

Birthday is that special day, where you wake up with the feeling that everything is just perfect. You feel like you own the place and every time you are wished you have that special feeling.

I have always felt that the people i travelled everyday in the bus (the college bus by which i used to travel during engineering). Every one with a different idea. Everyone with a different behavior. But when it came to the time in the bus, everyone was a team.
On my 21st birthday I did not expect anyone to remember the event, because i hadn't been wished the previous 2 years. But this day as soon as i entered the bus, almost every-one wished me. Usually we used to go and eat at the Sairams Chat at Malleshwaram. On the 6th of april also the guys insisted that I go with them. Though my birthday had passes on march 31.

None of my batch-mates were coming that day, so i decided to come up with some excuse to not go. Fortunately (rather unfortunately) it was my brothers birthday that day and I insisted strongly on not going with them especially because in the past several relatives used to visit on that day. As it turned out, AFTER 10 years I had an opportunity to enjoy my birthday celebration, and there i was fooling around.

The guys in my bus had even gone ahead and bought me a wonderful T-shirt for my birthday... I wonder how I could have over-looked it. I mean there I was, a fool not going to this chat with them. I still did not go, feeling very bad, and it happened so, that because my brother had his final exam. Even he did not get a birthday celebration that year (:P).

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