Monday, March 28, 2011

My Bus Life

I had joined a school that was at a walkable distance from my home. When I completed my 10th standard i joined the  Sri Vidya mandir PU college in Malleshwaram. I had to change 2 buses. But all i did then was go to college and return home... had not even seen malleshwaram properly.

Then i joined Amrita school of engineering. This college is 30 kilometers from my home. I had to leave home every day by 6:45 and bus used to reach my stop at 7. The stop is about 2 kilometer from my home. Dad dropped me early in the morning to the bus stop. There were 2 seniors till th semester and then 1 till 6th.

Bus in the first sem was strange... Seniors rarely interacted while waiting for the bus. There was a shortage of seats in out bus and almost throughout the sem i sat on the foot board. That was perhaps the best seat in the bus.

First sem the seniors were very involved in the retun journey. Sometimes we used to get indulged in very strange conversations and discussed almost every possible topic under the sun, some of the memorable things  included imaginary numbers, string theory, trusses, aerofoams, random PJs  when we started discussing. And on some of the days we used to share earphones because I did not have FM or MP3 player to listen to it.

Yogeshwara, Karthik, Nagendra were the most involved ones in the discussions. There were some teachers also in the bus, but they used to get along with what ever we did.

On the fridays we used to be accompanied by hostellers who used to brighten the bus with their stories and jokes.

Everything changed after the first year. The college split us into two different group and since we had very few juniors, there wasnt much to talk about. How ever in the third year, we got pretty exciting juniors. People who were involved in a totally different way in the bus; It was then that we started playing Dumb Charades in the bus. On some days even the girls stated joining the game.

We used to always find Mahesh sleeping in the bus, Vinay and Visarad always involved in music. Suhas always ready as if there was something exciting going on, every now and then. And there was pranjal, a seriously cool guy, who was way beyond my league. Though I find shortage of words to express this, there were some pretty awesome everyday people.
(LOT more to come...)

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