Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lost in childhood events

Event 1:
when i was in second standard, I had been to the Hanuman temple (a.k.a Prasanna Veeranjaneya temple)  near my home with parents. Though my parents were very cautious, I was very mischievous and managed to run away from the queue. Though my parents did not notice me for some time they assumed that i would be with some relatives who had come that day. When all were out and i was found to be missing, panic struck everyone, and they decided to look for me separately.

Each relative started going to different places. My dad went home and returned to the temple. my uncle started looking in the park nearby. and my mom started searching in the temple.The occasion was Hanuman jayanthi and the temple was flooded, and the only option was to go all the way.

While coming to the very end of the queue my mom spotted me sitting next to the priest and eating dry grapes.  The priest was very kind to me. As soon as my mom spotted me she came running in... and took me outside the temple. where all my relatives met.

Event 2:
This event happened in my 4th standard. My mothers uncle and their family had come to Bangalore. So my family, my mothers brother, sister their family and the uncles family had decided to visit Lal bhag, which is a reputed botanical garden in Bangalore.

Early in the morning we reached the place, and started going to all the reputed places within. had been to the glass house, the flower show, and the Tapiary, we even went to the very enchanting tree.

Photos were taken here and there, and memories of the place have been preserved to this very day. While we come to the very end of the trip all decided to go the Kempe-gowda hill. My uncle decided to volunteer to take the children for ice-cream. I then loved the Ball-Arun Ice-cream. Since cheaper ice-creams were available, my uncle decided to convince me to get some other ice-cream. but i was stubborn and loved only this, he lost in his fight when i went all tears... When we were going back i was still crying... and as i accompanied him to the hill found myself lost.

But i had remembered the cars parking place and decided to wait at the parking place. When my uncle reached the others and found me missing. All began to panic. then decided that my dad and my uncle go looking at 3 places while the others stayback. My dad went to the opposite gate looking for me. my uncle went to the glass house and the rose gardern. Both came back but it was vein. then my dad decided to go looking near the lake. my mom had a hinche that i may be near the parking place and came and found me there.

Mother took me back. But now my dad had not returned, so the driver volunteered to go looking for my dad. A small time after he left, my dad got back and all decided to wait for the driver. Thus though the actually trip lasted 3 hours, the rest of the day was spent in looking for every other person.

Event 3:
Don't remember exactly how long back! my family had been to chamarajapetay, looking for a good Saree for my mother. we went from shop to shop, and looked for different Sarees. As my parents continued, at one point lost track of me and i started going ahead on my own. Found myself all alone and entered some random shop all crying. When my parents found me missing, they started going back to all the shops they and been earlier, and eventually came to find me. We thanked the shopkeeper for taking care of me. And returned home.

more events to come when i find free time...
Event 4:
Even though, the event I am referring to is the most recent one since it happened during second year of engineering it still counts as child hood you see. I have been working in my uncles office in all my holidays ever-since i was in 11th standard, and over time i have learnt a lot of things. My uncle had sent me to acquire training in AutoCAD and I have liked the classes a lot because I got to work on what ever I learn in those classes and got up to date with the kind of development taking place in the software.

I used to be very punctual in the class, listening to all that the teacher said, and made use of the liberty to stay back and practice what ever extra drawings they had with them at Kruti.

One day I decided to go to my friend Ravi's house, because I have always considered him a genious. I did not have a mobile at that time, and did not bother to call home and inform, because it was a routine to reach home  by around 6:30~7:00 from college. Unfortunately, that day, due to a chain of events that took place, I felt like the most careless fellow in the world and strived to change from there on.

I tried to call from a coin booth near the hotel we stopped by but the coin booth was defective. I had CAD class that evening, so I decided to go directly to my CAD class, instead of going home, but on the previous day, I had informed my parents that I did not have class till evening, and took it for granted to go with ravi. when it got 7:00, my parents started worrying, and called my friend who got down at the same stop as me. But he just told them that I did not come by the bus that day, because he did not know.

Then my dad Sent his friend Mr. Lingappa to come look for me at the class, but he did not know that the building had 3 class. Then my parents began panicking, and tried calling the police, but they would not pick up at all. Inspite of all this, my dad had hope, and came and found me at the class that day. I had no idea of all the event that had happened because of my negligence.

Not long from that day,  I got my cell. Ever-since this event, I have made it a point to inform some one at home if my schedule gets altered.

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