Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And then what happened?

Back in the old school days, there was a boy so dam mischievious and hyperactive... his parents were called by the head master every now and then. He wasnt among the toppers either. Was at the very front in all the sports he played. But when it got to education... even though he raised brilliant doubts in his class, his teachers used to wonder, as to why this boy never scored much. But all this changed when the boy reached his 10 standard.

By now its pretty clear that i am talking about myself (^_^). Once in 9the standard, there was a visit to our class from a try out teacher. She went on asking random questions, and was accompanied by our headmaster. Our head-master was amazed by the way i was answering. then this was forgotten of...

Then when my headmaster visited our class i my 10th standard after the first class test, upon enquiring she came to know that i had not been within the top 10 ranks and was fully amazed. This rather came as a shock to me, as i had never actally thought of doing that well. Then all of a sudden i had a desire to live up to her expectation and vala next test i came second in the class. After that it was as if ... I has suddenly found my aim.

It was amazing how things changed after that. All my teachers had now stopped punishing me... trust me when i say this... i have experienced all the punishments that every teacher had in her arsenal till then. Be it a stand on the bench, a hit on the knuclke, a sit in the frog possition, kneel down, imposition, standing outside, standing in the corner, baskii (sit-ups).
The after effects of most punishments.
(a baskii looks like this)

Frog position punishment. Pains after long time

Imposition punishment: you get fed up of writing

Kneeling down: hurts to stand after being punished

hit with a wooden ruler, makes you hand rough, hurts like hell and leaves no mark. Clear misuse of a measuring instrument. (hands swell if hit on the other side)
one insane teacher used to hit me with the sides of the stick.

Standing outside the class, this punishment not only makes you miss the lecture, it humiliates students in front of other students and makes them get picked for any kind of mischief in the class.
Standing on the bench, not much of a punishment, unless the teacher asks you to lift your hand or rise your hand sideways while doing it. it really really hurts...
There was one particularly horrible teacher, who used to beat me on my knuckles and make me write impositions after that, I used to get so angry, even now I refuse to forgive her. One particular day when my teacher was hitting me on the hand, I caught hold of the cane I caught it so hard she could not let it go. When she looked into my eyes she looked shocked, and stopped beating me.

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