Sunday, March 27, 2011

very strange but true incidents

Event 1: The day police came looking
I had been back from my sangeetha junior exam. That evening one strange person had come looking for me. He enquied to my dad if i had been to the exam that day. Then he asked me for the question paper. I went to my room and brought the bag out and when i opened my bag, to my surprize the answer-paper was still there!!!

This exam is a government exam and the loss of paper meant shame to the invigilator. So he had logged a complain when he noticed the missing paper... Then he came looking for me and to his surprize I had not even noticed that the paper was with me. He had come with a friend. And after about 20 minutes of advise session. the two left my home with the paper.

About 10 minutes later a police man with a constable came looking for me. But now the paper was taken and my dad explained what all had happened till that point. In addition he told the police that i was very scared of police. the police asked me some 3 questions and left my home. . . (thats all nothing more :P )


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