Sunday, July 17, 2011

Locked away ideas.

I believe that the mind is a maze. We sometimes are absolutely sure that we know where things are and this mind being a maze, we most often cant associate the exact thing that we are looking for. I like moments when i can be spontaneous and express exactly what i mean when i get an idea. But its almost an every day experience that we dont get to do that (-_-).

For as long as i can remember, i have had an ambition of becoming a world famous inventor some day. Quite often i find that people around me don't quite look at things the way i do. Unfortunately, when ever i get a cool idea, I find myself in the middle of something. I have never made an entry of any of my ideas, and even if the onlooker does not find it cool or to his interest, i still wish that I had made an entry some where or the other , just to get back to it later on.

When i was about 4th standard, I remember having a bottle in which i had added what ever powder i knew of just to see what it would finally look like it. I used to call it the Formula, a name inspired from watching "Swat Kats". 

When the other day i look at a guy selling the balloon, trying to blow the whole lot of toy balloon, i suddenly got a design idea in mind to automate the whole process. Also when i see a guy pushing the vegetable cart all the way up the Post office hill in Mahalakshmi Layout, I wonder why not add that thing a motor, you know... only to make the upward journey way lot easier.
I will share a whole lot more when i find more time... (TY)

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