Tuesday, July 12, 2011

going out with friends (^_^)

1) With my very good friend Anish Bharadwaj.
When I was in my 6th semester, I had the sudden urge to go and watch the flower show, because i had heard that flowers from all around the world would be displayed at the flower show, and that it was 2 very rare incident. The only problem was I had never gone to lal bhag without my parents, and now suddenly I did not want to go alone either.

I began asking all my friends to come with me on the bus. Even though none of them said no, because there was no reason like test close to that day, they did not show any interest in coming with me because they probably had their own plans for the day. Yet I was destined to go, and asked my friend Anish also, who immediately said yes. So it was fixed, We left early in the morning. He was much more familiar with the surroundings, and we reached the place early in the morning. As soon as we reached there, we bought tickets, and took photos of the tickets.

It was a lovely day to visit. As we entered, we reached the huge tree next to the bonsai garden. we looked at all the surrounding in amazement, and then took some pics, and made a move from the place. From there, we went to the twined root tree, the one sided bark tree, the rose garden, the Chinese street, the glass house, the bonsai nursery, the vegetable plantation, vegetable exhibition, walked by the memorial rock, and then sat by the lake. I am still grateful for his company that day. By the way, that was the only trip worth mentioning during my engineering course.

2) To a movie with my friends Yogeshwara and Arjun nag. 
I had been asking my friend because he had been placed in HP from a long time, and he decided to give me a treat by taking me an his cousin Arjun to watch 'Pirates of the Caribbean-4'. We met up at Arjun's home. went to the movie at Mantri Mall by walk, and reached the theater in the 3rd floor, all the way talking about random stuff like his job, the football match that was played the previous day, about his GRE exam, oh how to book online ticket and stuff.

After the movie we ate icecream at Baskin Robbins in the first floor. It was my first Baskin Robbins, and it was dam good. It was a very nice place chosen to celebrate and felt awesome to be meeting these two friends enjoying their company and hoping for a better future for everyone.

3) To coffee day with Abhishek.
This incident happened on the second Saturday of July 2011. My friend Abhishek working in Cognizant, go this first salary. And had decided to buy some clothes for himself from Brand Factory. He invited me to go accompany him. I wanted to take this opportunity to learn about selecting shirts, and to know about brand factory, so i accepted the invitation and joined him. 

On the trip, I got to know about his experience in his company. I got to learn about different brands of shirts, and the significance of buying the shirt over there. After deciding on what to buy and not buy, we decided to spend some time talking as it had been a long time since we had last met. 

So we went to a coffee day near by. I had always wished to go to coffee day. I had been asking some of my close friend from a long time. But for some strange reason, none of them had volunteered but here it was, an opportunity sent by god to visit this place. We talked some more about his office, then i told him about my experience at my uncles office. We decided it was about time we left the place. And made it home in time for lunch.

4) to punjabi dhaba with Abhilash
This happened long time back. We were on our way home from college one afternoon, and me and my friend abhilash felt hungry at the same time. Just then, he remembered that there was a punjabi dhaaba nearby, and we decided to chek it out. 

There are many flavours of parota offered over there, and we each offered diffeent, i ordered paneer, and he ordered coliflower. the irony was that, the parotas served at that place were extremely huge, and you would have to have a big apetite to actually finish the food. Also, we had already had extra large glasses of lassi given at that place and when we were about half done eating the parota, both of us felt like our stomachs were filled already. He gave up after some time and looking at him even i could not continue eating any more. 

5) First ever visit to the forum and the chitranna incident.
Having stayed in Bangalore for over 18 years, I came to know of the location of forum only in my second year of Engineering.

It was the reopening day of our college. Since we had only registrations that day, me and my friends, Abhilash, Abhishek and arjun nag decided to go and watch 'Jaane tu ya jaane na' so we left to the forum and reached at 10:30 approx~.

Then since we had missed the 10:00 show, we bought tickets for the afternoon show and started roaming aroud forum. My friend Abhishek showed me the book collections availabe at forum, and his desire to buy the 'Kevin and Hobbes' collection.

Then we decided to eat at Mc Donalds, but since i had brought chitranna with me, i decided to eat that itself (^_~), while the others bought burgers. Then we went to see the movie. and enjoyed the movie especially because of the comments from my friends (Was the first movie with friends).

6) First Cricket match seen live at chinnaswamy stadium: RCB vs KKR
My friend Abhilash, who is a very big fan of cricket (the word fan at this point is an insult because he is a very dedicated devotee). He decided to go and watch cricket live because the match was hosted not far from malleshwaram. it was decided that he, his sister, and her friends accompany us that day and our friend Rama Krishna Lanka V. V. (one person) accompany us that day.

On the way to the place i suggested that we keep their bikes at my aunts place not far from the place and after doing so, we walked back to the stadium. In order to keep seuveniers of the event, Abhilash decided to buy an RCB T-shirt, while Ram had already worn his to the place. But on reaching the stand, we came to know that our friends from Amrita namely, Prajith, Anir ban, Gopinath Arunachalm, Yogesh and his brother were also joining us.

The best part about the match also was that 2 of my friends were huge fans of RCB, 2 huge fans of KKR and 2 of us were neutrals. Trying to comprehend "why cricket!"

 It was an exciting match. NO, not because of the performance of the players of Team India, or the presence of Shah rukh khan, or Vijay Mallya, or Deepika Padukone. But because, every time one team hit a four or lost a wicket, the other team made it a point to dance in joy, literally throwing the word "dignity" out of their dictionary.The best part about the match also was that 2 of my friends were huge fans of RCB, 2 huge fans of KKR and 2 of us were neutrals. Trying to comprehend "why cricket!"

Because of rain the match got cut short, and the duration of match got extended, how ever the spirits of everyone at the peak, and thats what kept the match going... We left that place pretty late. So decided to eat burgers and fry at Mc Donalds nearby. Also I did not have my own vehicle, so my large heart-ed friend Abhilash offered to drop me near Iskcon temple that day.

It was an amazing experience to be in my friends company, and i would like to personally thank my friends : AbhilashAbhishek, Arjun nagYogeshwaraAnish, Ramakrishna.... for teaching me what it would be like to go out as good friends.


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