Sunday, July 10, 2011

The letter to my boss at ESS

The boss at ESS is my uncle. So I decided to write a funny letter anticipating a drastic response, however he simply laughed at the letter.

letter: A brief explanation for being late today

Respected Sir,
                Subject: late to work
I am late to the office today and the reason for being late might seem a bit odd to you, however, it was genuine and before you proceed further, I request would like you to make sure that you are free while reading this letter.

Yesterday when I had left home to have lunch, my slipper got torn in 2 regions so I had to wear my shoes to work yesterday. But when I left home at 8 yesterday, it was raining, and the shoes I had worn got wet. Just as I was about to leave to work today, I noticed that my shoes were still wet, and because of the rain, the shoes had gotten dirty. I have only these two foot-wares, and wanted to ensure that I come tomorrow to the workshop with clean pair of shoes, also since I am leaving to the counseling tomorrow night itself, I would not have any time to get the shoes clean. Also, we have had a new maid come to our home from today, and unlike out old maid, I did not know if she would wash the shoes. So I decided I had to take the time to wash the shoes.

Just as I was done with my shoes, my brother insisted that I wear his sandles to work, as I was getting late, I agreed; but it so happened that my size was 8 and his size 11, so the foot-ware was uneasy. I would not run up the stairs today, nor could I walk at my normal pace. There is a shoe repair shop on my way to the office so I decided to take a deviation. But when I got the shoe shop, the shop was closed.

In short, all these factors put together, caused me to be late today. I agree that I could have done things differently at different instance during the course, but this is how things turned out, and I apologize for being late.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,
Ganesh Kamath

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