Friday, July 15, 2011

An Eccentric's look into reality of time machine.

What if i Invented the Time Machine one day!
I have heard a lot of my friends ask this question. In most cases they have either had a really bad experience and in some cases they want to change an event of the past. In rare cases, they want to go the future in anticipation of betterment. 

Now sit back and listen to what i am going to say, because if you are not ready for this then you might as well back out. Its crazy to invent a time machine (and by time machine i don't mean that thing you have wrapped around your arm, or hung up on the wall). 

Suppose i invent a time machine, lets look at some of the paradoxes that seem to arise:
1) Suppose I went back into the past, in hopes of getting fame by stealing someones discovery, or to prevent a disaster.
     a) HELLO! "reality check!" if those events would never happen, what motive would we have to invent the time machine in the first place.
     b) We wont have the same facilities, like FM or internet, and you can never be sure that you will get to live there, because we have adapted to a way of life in the present, which would have seemed really impossible in the past.
     c) What about the effect it would have on the organisms of the past. It would be violating nature by taking an organism of higher evolution into the past, and we will have to deal with a totally different environment of micro-organisms, which we can only imagine.
    d) It would be like you wake up today go back to the past and shoot yourself yesterday night! where does that leave you?
     e) And it is a violation of the law of conservation of mass-energy.

2) Suppose you Invent a machine that takes you to the future...
    a) come on, lets be frank, we can never be sure that we have a future, there is lots of global warming, ozone hole problem, we are due of an apocalypse, all sorts of pollution.
     b) why would a lesser evolved organism go to the future, where you have very little hope of coping up with technology.
     c) not only violates Law of Conservation of mass-energy, it defies logic (^_~)

Despite all my claims, why then should there be so much talk about the time machine...
     a) from a long time, movies have seemed to make it look as if we already have a time machine under operation, here is an image of how time machines have been displayed in movies.
      b) The arrow like behaviour of time is much less understood than actually thought, and not much is known abut time in the first place! though every now and then a jack-ass comes along trying to explain to us how he thinks that time is the fourth dimension.

To read more on what i have found on time, you can go to my post, "Significance of time".

In the world of Albert Einstein 'the reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen all at once' (^_^)


  1. i had real high hopes to some day travel back n time. guess it will need a lot more thinking on my part. well written anyways.


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