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Significance of time

Significance of time

Time is one of the most influencing factors in a person’s life. When a man is depressed, all he wishes is some time (/away) from his dear ones.  I remember a message on the importance of time.
  •   The guy had to repeat an year in education knows the importance of 1Year
  •      The guy who is about to write an exam in one hour knows the importance of 1 hours.
  •  The guy writing the exam knows the importance of 1 minute.
  •   The guy who just missed an accident knows the importance of 1 second.

We are perhaps the only beings that know what time is, we have analyzed time and derived some important conclusions, some of which are, "Time waits for no one", time lost cannot be regained. “Time and tide wait for none”. Some believe time is money, while to be a teacher, while there are others who believe that time is God.

Time is measured in millennia, century, decade, year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second, millisecond depending on what it stands to represent. Measuring time accurately has been one of the most challenging tasks ventured by mankind, despite the common belief that time is eternal.

Being on time. Completing a work in time. These two sentences clearly let us know the significance of time as a guiding mechanism.

We are more interested on how much time is remaining when we are transferring a file to another device from our computer or downloading a file from the internet.

People spend a lot of money just to save time. When a work is given to an employee, his salary indirectly reflects the amount of time he has saved to the company.

People take appointments to meet each other, especially medical specialist (doctors, surgeons, dentists). When people decide to meet after a long time, they fix on a time and a place.

We all live by 2 internationally followed time references
1) The B. C. (the birth of Christ)
2) The Greenwich meridian (for global time synchronization)

People tend to quote “Those were some of the best times” or say: “those were the days” when they refer to their past.

Past,  present and future are separations made by time.

Make good use of whatever time you get. Yes we tend to say that we are bored during nothing, It is not a bad idea to join a training course during the holidays if you know what training course is apt for you.

Students need to make good use of the available time during the day. It is very important to make sure you get enough sleep because health can degrade over time if sufficient sleep is not provided to the human body.

Fruits and vegetables rot over time. Animals become extinct over time and new species evolve. Time governs motion, heat dissipation, luminosity, diffusion of fragrance and colour. Glaciers melt and continents move over time. But what puzzles me the most about time is how, everything happens simultaneously in the universe. How ever mysteriously, subject syllabus varies very less (I have studied the same thing in engineering which my uncle once had (^_^) ).

Worship your time and respect others’ time.

Timing is very important for a joke to be successful. It is very important to make the right strategic move at the right time in a game of chess; or cricket for that matter. Well-timed scenes from movies win the hearts of millions, and can make the difference between a flop and a hit.

When it comes to business, it is very important to make decisions as to when a product is to be released and when an ad needs to appear on television to get a good customer response.

Causality dictates that the current state of the universe has been reached because of the series of events over time since the big bang. This might seem to explain everything; however there is more a role of chaos and uncertainty that makes it unjustifiable to make accurate predictions about future events.

Accurate Time measurements have been a very big goal in the past, where sun-dials, position of sun, moon, stars and observation of surroundings and animal behaviour patterns were relied upon to come to a conclusion about time. However it was not until the quartz clock and the Modern GPS that time accuracy could be standardized and verified worldwide.

Time is also a great conversations starting topic. When I have to chat to some unknown person on facebook, I start with a “what time is it over there?” Even in situations where you need to talk to some unknown person like say in a Bus you can use time as an excuse. And phrasing the question right can again help you have a wonderful conversation- ask a person “what is time?” (Purposefully leaving out the “the”) and you’ll either end up getting corrected or you’ll have a wonderful insight into the spiritual perspective of time! :P

It is a very common opinion that we are slaves of time. We tend to follow certain routine in our day to day lives to which we get acquainted to and find it hard to give up. For a person who gets up at 6 in the morning from a very early age it is difficult to suddenly adjust to getting up at 8 it might as well be the other way round. Eating, sleeping habits tend to form around time. The notion of being slaves to times probably comes from the fact that wrist watches somewhat look like chain armlets.

Time is a reality. Time is relative. Time is retrospective. Time is round. Ha ha ha ha, this is what time can do when you put your mind to something.

There are several movies which are centred on time. “The time machine” tells us how events are related in time. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons” tells a lot about time however this article is not the right place to discuss it. However to mention a few:
               1) The commemoration of the veterans with the reversed clock
               2) The reverse ageing of Benjamin Buttons
               3) The sequence of events that happen right on time leading to the accident

Time is often learnt referring to calendars and wrist watches these two are now accessible in mobile phones which may eventually lead to their extinctions.

Time has been the fascination of several leagues of mathematicians and scientists. It was in fact the accurate prediction of one of the results of solar eclipse, which first introduced Albert Einstein to the world. Time is one of the best teachers. Time teaches us that there is limit to everything achievable because our time itself is limited.

Many organizations and institutions have a time-tables and deadlines to ensure that a certain objective can be reached within a certain amount of time.

Different civilizations have had different units of measuring time. For instance, several civilizations had the 365 day cycle in an year. In India the Panchanga is a book that not only serves as a calender but also stands reference to astrological predictions. The Sun-dial, the hour-glass are some of the other famous time measurement inventions.

I have already spoken enough about time machines in my post "Eccentric's view into the reality of the time machine". However time has its own rules and don't be detered when something goes wrong in life. Take your own time in making decisions and make sure you get the best out of your time on earth.

Time in my life:
I have spent 4 hours of every day travelling between college and home in Bangalore during my engineering days. Though it might look insignificant, (24 – 8 (sleep) – 8.5 (college hours {8 – 4:30}) – 4  (travel) – 1.5 (morning to get ready) – 1 (relax from the travel)) which left me with 1 hour to myself at the end of the day, and my mom used to wonder why I was scoring average marks in during my Engineering life.

Sometimes all it takes is just a little more of time and effort to achieve what we want, while sometimes its just a waste of time. - Ganesh Kamath

Time matters a lot. The Round Trip Time is a measure of bandwidth and congestion in a computer network. Turn Around Time and Waiting Time are measures of performance of Operating Systems. Time to live decides the life time of a packet. Time to Market a product also matters a lot in industry and can make a difference of profit and loss.

Most Fairy tales begin with "Long ago in a distant land", Star Wars begins with "A Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."

There was a time when i wondered, 'What if the time of the universe runs out one day', but then there was no one to discuss this with and I present this to you today.

In South Canara, if you ask some one the distance between two places, they tell you the time instead. This is because, the highways here have very less traffic and they know that vehicles generally take the same time over a period, regardless of influencing factors. However, the same cannot be said about Bangalore.

When it comes to making a new World Record, it is usually a matter of milliseconds when it comes to Olympic records. However almost all records have a time factor.


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