Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Surge of IDEAS

Regardless of where I go or what i see, I find that there are so many things that are out of place.

I see the world in way that so one in this world would ever have, yet I keep most of it to myself and here are some of the cool ideas I have had lately.

1) Recently i had been to the tailor. Me dad and my brother go to the same tailor, when we go there, the tailor first examines the clothes, then he takes measurements, and after 2 or 3 weeks we get our clothes and end up paying the tailors fee...

Here is the catch, in our last visit, I saw the whole process like a way I had never seen before. I thought, what if i make a device that takes my clothes as input, then i feed in the measurements so that all the inputs needed by the device are filled in. That day I came home just thinking of a whole new league of designs. I was afraid to jot it down on paper, but for your satisfaction, i can say that the design was similar to that of a HP printer.

In fact I think I will see this device in my life time and might as well take my time to build it myself.

2) Visit to the barber. Yes i was again at it, sinking deep into my own world! that morning at the barbers store, for some reason, the pointless talk going on between the other customers and the barber did not seem to interest me.

I was thinking of proximity sensors that can detect when an object comes within a few millimeters, "WALLA" I thought, why not have a machine that will cut all the hair bigger than a few millimeters so that you can get your hair cut when ever you want, and can customize it as per your interest.

I mean think about it, if you can configure such a machine, i mean fine tune it even further, you can have a device that you can use to shave as well as get a hair cut. YES I am aware of the trimmers available in the market.

But by using those you can't expect a cool look. It would be a sin not to mention that i remember seeing a cartoon of the jetsons where Elroy get different hair styles using an automated hair dresser.

(TY) Post me if you have any queries...

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