Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Talking to yourself

Talking to yourself
In many situations we find that some people around us seem to be talking to themselves. You might have even found that you were talking to yourself sometimes.

Sometimes when there is too much to think and you work really hard on finding a solution you tend to mutter random words. These things happen because while our mind tries to adjust to these new situations, we try different approaches and wires kind of get crossed?

Some people may call you crazy when they find you talking to you, but this is more common than people think. If you observe a person sitting in a bus-stand carefully you can observe some of them doing this without their own knowledge.

Talking to yourself can happen when you suddenly remember an incident that according to you could have happened in a different way. You might not actually say anything and just be acting out a bit, but if you think you could have done something different that made a difference then the people around you can notice it in you.

Most people don’t like to be told that they had been talking to themselves because, in olden movies of India, people were shown talking to themselves and this caused people into believing that talking to oneself was a sign of madness. However it has been proven to be false and there haven’t been any movies on that yet!!! (Not one that says its not crazy but here are several that show that this kind of self talking is common).

We talk to ourselves because we know that by taking thinking just a step further, we might actually stumble upon an enlightening idea. Some people cant do hard math without acting out the problem a little bit. It might seem like they are writing something on an invisible board, but trust me it helps them get closer to the solution in reality.

More often than not, we are scared of telling something out in public and this causes us to express what we think of by first telling it to our-selves. The phrase, ‘Look before you leap’ can be thought of a better way of saying this. We first check if the answer we are going to give is legitimate by trying it out in our heads, this happens to spill out in the form of talking to ourselves.

Another scenario where a person talks to oneself could be repentance or self pity. You have those moments in your life where you miss out an opportunity purposefully and the start regretting it as if doing something now can reverse the effect.

Remember you are the only one who thinks that way because you are unique. There might be times in your life where you felt a joke was really funny but when you told it loud, no one really responded well to it and you admitted defeat in trying to convince them about the humour.

The problem with telling something loud is that we as social beings are very conscious of our social image and in most cases don’t like to left as outcasts and try to blend into the society rather than trying to set a new genuine social standard.

If you start searching, you will get lots of opinions online. However I leave it you you decide what to do about talking to yourself.

There is often a trade-off between expressing yourself and sacrificing what you image you have presented to the world till that point.

We can see many instances of talking to oneself in cartoons, for instance tom has those miniaturized satan and angel whenever he plans something evil in ‘The Tom and Jerry Show’. From which we can see an illustration of having a clear conscience on the issues which we deal. The number of movies where people talking to themselves being depicted is massive, some of the famous movies include, ‘Cast Away’, ‘Fight Club’, ‘A beautiful Mind’, ‘Harry Potter’, etc.

Having imaginary friends, dolls that you talk to (including Johny’s Plank in ‘Ed Edd n Eddy'), speaking to God, day dreaming all are considered to talking to your-self.

We are beings of very superior intellect compared to those around us and our mind acts as feedback mechanism to guide our actions before we perform them.


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